My title of my upcoming book is Crimson Midnight.  This blog is going to be used not only to connect to my readers, that’s you! 🙂  but to let you have input into my books.  How?  To start with I have a few characters who need names and a few planets.  Closer to the publish date, which is looking to be this spring 2013, I will be looking for the universe, planet system this might take place in.  I want to not just give the world another book but use online as a tool to connect to you, the reader.

First planet I need a name for is a dense plant planet with a snail problem.  This planet is hot, sticky and humid.  It has awesome views of waterfalls, sunsets and areas where you can see tree tops for miles.  The downside of this planet is the fact it has a snail problem.  Every night at midnight large huge snails the size of cars and small snails the size of pennies come out and leave a slime on everything.  There is no way to avoid the small ones.  The large ones are peaceful but everyday as the sun rises there is slime on bedding, houses, windows.  The streaks are easy to remove with cleaner but do take some time.

Please leave a comment with your idea of what the planet should be named and why.  If I get enough comments, I will do a poll to see which one wins.  Yes this will end up the actual name of the planet in the book.  It is only mentioned, I believe, once but you get to name it.