Right now the novel sits at 46,000 words with a finished first draft done.   1/3 of the novel is to the 2nd/3rd draft stage with possible editing to be done in the next month.  Might have those doing the edits do up a quick review of what they are thinking of it so far to post on here.

Update on promo ideas…  Right now this blog is one of the things I’m doing.  Looking into ideas for promo of the novel around the release date to Kindle or around the time it will be on both Kindle and Nook.  Thinking a good place to start will be my local paper but not sure how to get noticed on a more national level.  Thinking of doing a Youtube thing but not sure at this point what it might be.

Don’t forget you have until 8/32/2012, this upcoming friday to submit ideas for ‘name of the planet’.  Look to the post, ‘Crimson Midnight’ and ‘Note about forest planet’ for more info on the planet itself.  Don’t worry you can submit as many ideas as you want on this planet and anything else up to name in the future.  🙂  Looking forward to this.

One last thing… Looking for any ideas on how to connect to readers like you with this blog.  Your input is greatly needed and always a treat for me to read and look over.  Feel free to submit any idea you might have to me.