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We never need much of a reason to not write.  There is we are too tired, too busy, too lazy, too wired, too into tv, too relaxed, too bored, too stuck and even too overworked.  The list is endless.

We will write in our blogs over writing in our novels.  But why?  Old question, I know.  Fear of finishing?  Fear of not writing something good?  Lack of an idea?  Or it’s who we are as writers?   Weird thing is, the answer to the question is almost as long as the list of why we are not writing our novels.

So as I sit not writing mine, I nod my head to every writer out there not writing theirs.  No matter if you are staring off into space, writing your blog, finishing that movie, eating pie or reading someone else’s novel.  It doesn’t matter.  You’re writer and so am I.  That makes us the coolest people in the whole world even if we never finish the darn thing  🙂