well not sure my momma said it but its a song and true.  Today is just a blah day for writing.  I’m sure I’ll write before it ends but it will be sure will power making me do it.  Somedays there is a fire, a drive behind writing and it makes the words soar onto the page.  Today the fire is ice cold and dead.  The words come but feel forced and dry.  I still write because without the fire doesn’t mean it’s bad writing.  It doesn’t mean it’s not going to make the final cut.

On another note….  Not sure anyone out there knows where Whirlpool galaxy is but my story is set past it.  Right now Hubble only sees things forming in this area. My story has it so a galaxy has formed on the other side, some 15 light years away from Whirlpool.  Now if anyone knows, Whirlpool is a very very long ways away from us.  It is about 31 million light years away from us.   That makes my galaxy 46 million light years from Earth give or take a million.  That means light traveling at 186,000 per second would take… a damn long time… so either I have to add we can travel faster than light or this took a long time to get there with out posts.  I’ll probably go with both as a reason.

I have to add about where my galaxy is and how we got there in the intro, the first scene and more into chapter 9, I believe.  This will help the reader understand the reason for the planet being so backwards and not as up on techology as one would think a future planet would be.  It has techology but the planet also has very backwards things.  I think if I add about how faraway it is this will be enough to make it more believable to the reader.  Any thoughts?  Do you think it will be enough or would you personally add more?  Email me or post here.  Would love to hear from you about it.