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and the journey continues in rewrite land!  I write a line, read it later, rewrite it, read it later, rewrite it and how many times can I rewrite a line, a section or paragraph.  Endless rewrites, endless re-drafts and endless banging my head against a wall.

Still there are those moments when you write something and it feels awesome.  There are ideas that pop out of nowhere to finally explain a scene or character’s actions.  You wonder where it came from and thank your left side of your brain (science I believe said it was this side that deals with creativity).  Until you read the next line or someone questions the next move in the book.  Off to rewrite land you go again.  Off pounding the keys until you can finally like it enough to not touch it.

Rewrite land is the endless span of time when nothing seems to fit and you feel driven to make it fit like shoving a square peg into the round hole.