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I worry I might use this as an excuse not to write as if I ever needed one.  Still…  I just realized I have closer to 40 chapters not 30 in my novel and that means I have to find the time to edit and draft up an extra 10 chapters by mid Jan.  Okay, not the end but it’s not music to my dreams and hopes of finishing on time.  I set a deadline for several reasons.  One, I believe it helps me to push onward and to finish.  I have a nack to not care about things or stop half way through without deadlines.  Second, I believe this would be a great time to publish my book.  I could wait of course but not sure another time might offer up some great chances to get people to read my book.

With that said… I will have to see over the next few months and figure out if I can pull this off.

As I’m writing this, I was getting a bit side tracked in thought.  It got me thinking about sales.  Publishing a book at a great time or moment can bring in sales.  It can help the promotion if it might be based on a time of year or event happening at the same time.  But is it sales I really want?

I’m sure I’m not the only writer who thinks about it.  Sales are huge.  I can’t live without money and I can’t write more books if I don’t live.  So on a basic level sales have more meaning than we like to admit.  Readers are awesome.  People who like what we write are not only a huge ego boost but a reason to keep writing more.  It makes us glad we write and happy about it.  Without readers, what are we?  Meaningless finger tapers bored with everything else that we felt the need to hammer our dreams out into form?  Without someone to actually read the stuff; the stuff just dies outside us instead of dying in our minds.

Rough isn’t it?  Still if we gave it away, more might read it.  I will admit I am not giving it away.  Sorry.   I want people to read my novel.  I want them to like it enough to recommend it to others.  But at the end of the day, I want them to buy it.  I wish it wasn’t that way but it is with me.  Sales and readers….  my number one goal after I reach the goal of getting it done.

With that said…. I’m wasting time again.  Like I said at the start of this post, I don’t need much to not write.  Blah Blah Blah again with my blog instead of finger pounding away in my novel.

enough for tonight… take care blogging world and I hope as writers we can come to grip with wanting sales and wanting readers too.  That we can be proud to say it and not feel bad about wanting to make money for our art.  Now off to my art.