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I have two more days on vacation before I head back to my job.  I would rather be writing is on my name tag at work.  A true statement!  I don’t hate my job but it’s not being a writer.  Not even close.  I dream of a day when I can sit back relax, look out my window of my study, enjoy nature and write the redraft of my 15th book.

Now back to reality!  I have to finish the first one.  Chapter 10 here I come.  I did 9 last night but due to a shorten scene as my editor felt it was lengthy and not needed, the word count still stands at apox. 48,700.

Have to finish 10 and get started on 11.  If I’m lucky I get 11 done too and head right into 12 and 13.  The goal is to be done with the first part of the book, the first 13 chapters by the end of the week.  Send them off to my editor and work on the 2nd part.  I have to do an entire rewrite of the 2nd part before going back and doing another rewrite before I send it out to my editor.  I try to make sure my chapters are in top shape before the edit.