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Being a writer is like being an artist in a gallery.   There are paintings all around.  They hang in every booth. Some have a few more than others and most are still currently working on one.  Each artist is striving for the perfect version of the story in their head.  The colors have to be bright, the lines perfect and the frame has to add flare to the whole thing.

You look around and see the paintings.  You notice a few look like yours.  There is a new twist, a different view, a new character you hadn’t thought of or a landscape never used before.  It’s close to yours though and you think you have the edge.  Yours is better.  You’re sure of it.  The paint you used leaps off the canvas.

Every so often a painting hits the big time.  There are news people, magazine covers and more.  The fan fare is insane for the brief seconds the painting is what everyone wants.  You look at it amazed and wonder why anyone would care about it.  It looks blank, bare and lacks the insight like yours.  It’s one of the ones like yours but you can’t figure out why this one is all important and yours is not.

Other times a painting no one ever thought to do does the same thing.  Big productions, loud noise and a whole lot of people talking about it.  You look at it in awe.  Its perfect.  It has everything you would have used in it.  The painting is brilliant and beyond thought.  You only wish you had thought of it first.

The two events are flukes.  Odd moments and you realize you and those hanging in the gallery are the 99% on wall street while these one hit wonder paintings are the 1%.  You won’t stop.  It doesn’t mean you can’t be in the 1%.  Yours was better anyway and what does main stream fads know.  nothing.  You could still win this lotto.  You at least have to try.

And for a few … and I mean a few… hanging up their work and letting the world see it is enough.  They don’t mind the lack of attention to their paintings.  They paint away not seeking fame or glory.  They do it because at the end of everyday it’s what they are.  It’s who they are.

For the rest of us…  we will continue to strive to reach the 1% level.   We will strive to be a fluke.  A silly little moment with a huge impact that no one can explain.  We won’t care if others think it’s good or bad.  It won’t matter why it happened.  All that will matter is that it did.

Being a writer……..