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I looked this up as to see what she might have done we could use from her experience.  I thought why not.  She self publish and was an ebook … wait… she wasn’t.

Truth be told.  She published online but with a publishing company.  She had books available ‘print on demand’.  Granted it wasn’t a main stream company but it wasn’t an e-book like Nook or Kindle would be either.  The whole place publishes books similar to fifty shades of grey.   The writer’s coffee shop is the company.

So… I don’t think it’s fair to put her in the self publish list or even an e-book list.   I think she went a very common route similar to the traditional one.  She even had to submit her work to get published by the company.  It’s not like amazon and you just send it, two days later your book is published.  Not even close.  So though she did go a bit outside the box, for the self publishing writer she didn’t go far enough.

Just wanted to share this as it’s important we know where, how and why we are thinking or doing a self published book.  I would rather be wide-eyed going in than duped by a misrepresented book.