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Just worked two 12 hour days so didn’t write anything.  Did get a chance to look up formatting, print on demand prices, more details about what Amazon will want when I get done and overall prices of ebooks.  I do need to look up prices in my genre which is somewhere between sci-fi, supernatural and gothic romance.  I also need to check out for what ages I believe my book is targeted to and who might read it.   This is important for any marketing I might do after I publish.

I think I write more for tween to teens than adults.  If anyone has any information on how to decide, are ebooks split into age groups and more info in general on the subject, please contact me or comment.   I really do need to look more into this.

I don’t plan the next book to be about vampires but it is set in a galaxy mentioned in Crimson Midnight.  I am leaning toward sci-fi and hoping I can get something like sci-fi supernatural.  That would be better.  The romance is a minor story line.    Unless my editor or someone I let read it ahead of time, tells me different or believes it is bigger to them I don’t plan on marketing that side of it.

Formatting looks horrible but the prices to get someone else to do it looks worse.  I do know html code from doing web pages and I already know there are tons of sites out there with tutorials on html.  I should be able to do it myself again saving me money on up front publishing costs.

My costs so far are $20 for the coverart, $40-60 for paper/printer ink/supplies/usb    That puts my huge total to about $80 tops.

Would like to keep my costs under $200 for publishing, $400 for marketing and $100 for extras ….  giving me a total of a $700 budget for this.  This gives me a great chance to make my money back and make a profit even on low sales.  I want to get my total cost down to less than $500 for the first one.  I have some plans on marketing that may help this out.  I plan to blog about that next year when I do them and let you know how well or not so well it works.

Plans today are to write 2 hours before heading to sleep.  Have to knock out a new chapter, see if a different chapter can be moved so I only have the one new one and work on the last chapter for part one of the book.

My blog right now is giving me a headache.  I type something and realize I forgot a word or letter and go back.  Only it starts to eat all the words and characters as I type.  I know this is a setting issue, just kinda of annoying right this second.