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Is a first draft.  It isn’t meant to sound finished or done.  A first time photographer is not meant to take a prize-winning photo the first time out.  An artist started drawing at 8 had a long way to go in making a masterpiece.  A singer probably started at 4 singing but it wasn’t until they were in their 20s they hit it big.

Drafts are practice.   and (everyone say it with me) practice makes perfect.

An artist practices in a medium, a photographer practices using different settings, a musician practices a piece and an actor practices their lines.  Why?   To make what they do better, to make it shine and to make themselves better at it.

Without drafts in a book, you cheat not the reader but yourself.  You cheat you of practice that will make you better and the book better too.  There’s no way around it as very few people doing anything are wonders right out the gate.  You might feel like your first draft is the worse thing anyone has ever written but don’t worry most writers wrote a first draft of their famous book too.  They were just as bad and hated it too.  Happen to know famous writers releasing their first drafts to the public?  Not anyone I know.

With practice came better; with better came awesome!  Lines that you didn’t know you could write, characters with voices all their own and a book that finally sounds like a book.  A finished product worth the read and all the awesome reviews it could ever get.

Keep practicing and keep doing your drafts.  You’re the writer and this is your craft.  Let’s hone it to perfection.  Get it to be the best work the world will ever read and make ourselves the best writers we can ever be!