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Yep already thinking about this one.  I get burnt out on writing everyday so a great way to take a day off is to look up or read about things I will have to deal with in the near future.  Early on in writing those are my research days and later it becomes where and how to publish.  Last night it was about editors.

I found it is recommended to get an editor before you self publish.  This avoids family not telling you the truth and friends being too nice.  I agree but I ran smack into a huge problem.  Who to pay?   I don’t have funds ranging in the hundreds of dollars to spend.  One editor actually wanted $400 for it.  I’m sorry I might not make $400 on my book so why would I want my overhead to be that much before I publish.  I know, I know so I can have the best thing out there.

After much thought so far I have decided to skip the editor.  I have some great people around me who I believe will be truthful.  I do however need to find someone for grammar and hoping I can come up with a cheap idea for this.  Sorry just can’t think paying huge amounts of money, so at least the editors are making a buck off self publishing, is a good idea.

If anyone does know of someone cheap but good who is trust worthy… would like a recommend sent my way.  That is the other issue.  Trust worthy.  Send some stranger you don’t know an unpublished book… I don’t know about anyone else but I know there are people who would steal my eye lash off my face for a buck if they thought they could get a buck.  I have no idea how to tell who is worth it and who is a scam.

Again this is making me think self publish without an editor may not be the worst thing an author ever did.  Not a great idea but not the worst.

I am starting to think we went from publishers making money off us to editors making more money off us to self-help this is how you publish a book making money off us.  Terrible.  When do authors make money?  Starving for our art is just over rated in my opinion.