Since I can’t afford an editor and it’s for grammar, I plan to go buy a book.  A book about grammar.  The english language.  Granted I don’t plan to become the next english major or speak down to those with less know how in grammar.   I do plan to learn some basics, go over some things I haven’t read about in years and give my grammar at least a shot at being less than horrible.  Thinking ‘English for Dummies’ if there is one.  Sure there is they have every subject one can think of for the dummy.  Wow, dummies must read a lot.  Or a book a step up but not too hard to understand.  I don’t want to go college level due to they can get too confusing for me.  Looking for the grammar book to help out and easy enough for me to get it.  🙂

If you know any grammar books you recommend, please send me a comment or shout!