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First the spam… 

I get more spam comments than real ones.  For the record, I hate spam.  Yes, the store kind too!  It might be the texture or lack of substance.  Maybe its the salt or the fact none of these spam comments are in english.  Don’t know.

Now onto dummies

Went looking over amazon’s site and found my book.  English Grammar for Dummies Work book.  Yes, a work book.  I learn better doing things so this will help me remember it better and learn

Looking over things, I found dummy books for a lot more.  Fiction writing and Young Adult writing.  Who knew!  I guess they really do have every book on ‘How To’ there is.

Reason I want a book on grammar is I want to understand it not only to make sure I do it right but to better my writing.  My tool is the english word in sentence form.  I need to make sure I do my best with my tool!  Next comes all the other tid-bits like characters, story and plot to me.   Don’t get me wrong, I have a first draft of this thing done and part 1 is already into 5-7 draft stage.  The thing is, if I don’t understand how to write grammar the best way I can, no amount of story or character will sell my book.

Ever been on Facebook, misspelled a word or used bad grammar?   Ever get 50 posts back with someone yelling at you about how could you do such a thing?

Readers are not much better at holding back.  I already know if I mess a word up, screw up the grammar or do some horrible thing someone out in this big huge world will decide it is up to them to correct it.  It will drive them beyond madness into the depths of shrill and lunatic laughter if they do not point out every mistake I make.

So on that… I’m buying the dummy book tomorrow on Kindle.