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It was raining here over the last few days.   I was stuck at my 12 hour shift job.


I would have rather sat in front of a window as the rain pelted against the glass instead of feeling the mood of deary days while locked inside to keep dry.

Now my weather is made up of sprinkling drops and chilly winds.  Gone is the wonder of a steady rain, gone is the writing muse and left in its place a dull sleep induced world.  My eyes are droopy.  My mind is slow.  My world a lack luster event.

Only if I had been there watching the rain come down.  Seen the lapses of sheets of water in between the steady stream of drops.  If only I had been able to use the rain to be my muse, I might have written words to leap off the page.  Written to inspire the world.

Alas…. I am stuck with my own thoughts and my sleepy head because

I missed the rain.