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Was looking for ways to promote my book when it’s published.  You know, my weekly routine to see who is making money by using authors need to showcase their books.

Does anyone understand that last part?   I’m starting to wonder.

Again the only people making money are not the authors at these sites.  No mention of how much traffic they get, no mention of how much more sales one should get from showcasing on their site and no mention of if its worth my time.

Just more of ‘let us help get you noticed online so we can make money even if you don’t’

I must have an ad on a site with people visiting it.  Sites where I might get noticed by non writers.  Not that writers don’t read but if an author is looking to promote their book, I don’t think they at the site to read or buy a book that day.

Granted it might help searches on google but unless someone is looking up my name or the name of my book I don’t think it will help enough.