After much thought into my publish date, i decided it would be best to set my date back a few months to give me time to finish.  I do not want to cheat the readers or myself of the best work I can do before I publish.  I do not want to force a rushed copy of my book and wonder if I could have done better had I waited.  I am not an author who wants money so bad I would publish a piece of junk not worthy of a reader’s eyes and mind.  You, the reader, deserve the best I can offer and I believe I can do this by setting the publish date back.

The new publish date is set for March 2013.

If I can push this up, I will but I do not see that happening at this time.   I hope this does not confuse anyone or upset anyone who may have been looking forward to January’s date.  I will always strive to give my best writing to the reader and I will in the future set a date back should I belive it is needed as it was now.