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After postponing the release date of my book, I decided I would take a few days off to do other things.  I needed the break and I felt drained from pushing myself so hard.

What happened?

I ended up missing it.  It’s odd.  It feels like I’m forgetting something like the day after you forgot the doctor’s appointment or you get home only to realize you forgot to buy milk which was the only reason you went to town in the first place.  Not writing is actually bugging me!

 Is it from the day after day has formed a new habit

or I miss the sheer enjoyment of writing?

I don’t know and I’m not sure I care.  I finally want to write not because of a muse or drive but I just want to do it.   Yep, a break was what I needed.  Sometimes stepping back is stepping forwards! 🙂

If you’re stuck out there in a spot in your greatest novel ever, take a break and kick back.  You might need to relax a bit.  Let your brain have a day off!  Of course try not to give it the day off of breathing and those things that keep you alive!  Who would write the next line?  Who knows the next step in your novel but you?  Create, relax and create some more!

Does it work everytime?  Have no idea but happy it need this time!