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Yeah I almost forgot this.

What is Nanowrimo?

Well, until this year I didn’t know either so don’t feel bad.  It’s the most insane craze driven mad attempt at producing a 50,000 novel in one month.


You bet.

One month, millions of writers and you all trying to do a novel in a month.  50,000 words and you win!  YEAH!  A novel!

Wait..what do you win?


Like I said, it’s nuts.  You do get to feel proud of yourself for doing it.  You get the personal reward of a first draft.  Other than that you might get a % off coupon for a writing program that you probably already own.

So why do it?  For me, it’s awesome at doing drafts.  I used the camp version to get my first draft done.  I used another camp one to work on it and I’m using Nanowrimo in Nov. to get through some more of my draft.

That does make me a bit of a rebel because I’m not doing a first draft but I’m doing it anyway.

Nanowrimo… Nov… this year… well last year too and next year as well… Yes Nanowrimo!  The 24/7 month of nutty writers pulling out hair, banging their heads against walls and drinking enough caffeine to keep the coffee biz going for years.  🙂

Here are a few links about how mad nuts and crazed it really is like.




and (I love this one best)


oh and here is the link to Nanowrimo!