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I worked last night and tonight.  12 hour shifts do not making writing fun or a possibility unless I plan not to sleep.  Instead of putting my fingers to the keyboard, I browse writing topics, do character backgrounds searches or things like that.  Today was the dreaded ISBN search.

Yes, the fearful ISBN

An ISBN is the number books get to figure out which one is which in the vast book world.  As an e-book .. I Hope sooner than later… author I don’t have to get one.  Amazon and Nook both do not require one.

SO why bother with the horrible ISBN?

If I get one, it makes me the publisher of my book and helps to keep the number for it the same no matter where it gets published as an e-book.  Granted if I get it in paperback or cd I have to get another ISBN.

Now here is the scary part and why I called it a dreaded thing in the first place.

It costs $125 for one ISBN and $250 for 10.  I’m not a money tree and no one I know sported $100s overnight so this may cause a problem.  Also it is a cost I would have to add to my overhead.  I could get the 10 and divide the amount up so my overhead for my first book would actually be less but that is just a silly number game to make me feel better.  It would still equal $250 and I would still have to figure out how to get the money.

I did find the cool little graphic phones can scan and get info on the item or business.  It is only $25 as an add on and I think that might be cool to add to a site or something.  Not sure though how to market it and use it to the best of my ability.  No need spending money without getting something for it.

and on that it’s time to make my lunch and rush myself out the door with the toilet paper hanging off my butt.  Maybe I’ll skip the toilet paper today!   Let’s just say toilet paper and wet soggy ground do not sound like something I want to mix up before work!