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I’ve been working on a book bible.  It includes all galaxies, characters, planets, races and any information I need while writing my novel.  I could use a program to do this but I find opening them while writing a big oversize pain.  Yes, pop up windows to me are annoying and having them side by side is even worse.  I could buy a tablet and use it while I use my laptop for my novel but that costs cash I don’t currently have in my pocket.   I believe a tablet is my best choice in the long run.

So in the meantime in order to cut costs and give me what I want, I did a book bible.

I used an assignment notebook and stapled pictures of items, characters and scenes to the pages.  I wrote by hand, yes by hand, any information I felt would come in handy as I write.

It’s light weight, it’s convenient and so far it works.


for the writers out there looking for a way to help them get a better handle on what your character looks like!  It’s called Hero creator 3 and its an alpha version.  You can’t save to your computer but you can save directly to it and you can print without saving.  I used the print part.  A quick search from google or bing should get you to their site.

It does not have all the bells and whistles we would like as writers but it beats every program I found.  In my random searches I found kid programs, sad programs, too complex programs, costly programs and just too cheap an idea programs.

Hero Creator is free and is a great little tool.  I am hoping they keep it up and push to get something better for the writing world.  I do believe they are trying to set it up for gaming or cartoons or something.  I think writers would be a better market for it but that is my bias opinion.