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and it’s not the inspiring kind of rain either.  It’s left over hurricane rain mixed with fronts and its plain boring.  It rained last night, it’s raining now and looks to rain tomorrow.  Granted I don’t have my car buried in sand or floating in a parking garage but I am sloshing around through mud paths filled with bug sized oceans.

Got ready yesterday for craving pumpkins as that is traditional before Halloween but hit my toe against a bed post right before headed out to the garage.  Broke the poor little thing.  Went right to bed afterwards so I skipped out on writing before bed.

Now I have to work later and NaNoWriMo is staring me in the face.  It starts tomorrow.  If I can pull myself away from hurricane photos, Halloween prep and playing pawn stars on Facebook, I might get some writing in before I head out the door this afternoon.  If not, there might be rain coming from my eyes in the morning.  Guess it’s one way to fit in with the endless raindrops.