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I read this off and on at different sites and places.  It isn’t that I hate this statement but I find it annoying.  I don’t believe in it.

An artist must suffer for their work


Who says?  Where is it that one has to suffer for anything?

I want to be a fluke.  An excited dot in a million dots that no one knew was coming and be the dot that bursts into a million flakes touching everyone’s lives.  No suffering there unless of course the bursting hurts.. bad example.  Still, I suffered through tons of stuff and none of it was for my art.  I don’t believe getting divorced twice, losing jobs, not finishing college and a huge amount of personal pain would count as suffering for my art.  Granted it gives me a great background and tons of things to draw on when I write but it won’t make me a great writer or much of anything other than a person who went through hell in life.

I think the first person who said the line must have been a mother telling her offspring to hang on.  To wait and all their dreams will come true.  A mother could easily have said to their son/daughter how one day someone will see or read or discover their art and be floored.  It was just not today, probably not tomorrow and maybe not the next one either but one day they would.  One day after years of suffering dreams would come true.

I say skip the motherly advice and the suffering part.  I plan to write my novel to the best of my ability and release it to the public.  Now I can see it might not be an overnight smash but a few books later and hopefully some people decide I’m the next best thing they can’t live without.  I don’t plan to suffer the time it takes to get discovered.  I plan to learn, write, find joy and try to be a better person.  I plan to be happy even without the fame and money.

Suffering is great and on some level we all need to suffer to understand our characters grief or problems.  I do not believe this means we have to suffer an endless amount of time as if our lives need to be this statement.

I think we can rise above it and be more than the outcome of our journey.

Maybe it should be ….  Suffering is the step before understanding the art but suffering is only a state of mind when one rises above it no amount of money or fame will bring the happiness one experiences everyday already.

Do you suffer for your art or do you rise above it?