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I’ve been stuck in writer’s hell this week.  I was major excited about NaNoWriMo but it hit Nov. 1 and nothing.  I just sat there staring at my laptop for the last few days.  I knew I needed to get started but I didn’t write.

Finally wrote a bit of a rewrite to the first chapter of part 2 (chapter 13).  It wasn’t much.  It was three paragraphs.

Still it was more than I had bothered with in days.  It was the start, the beginning and the WOW of my entire weekend.  (yes, it takes little to get me to a WOW factor).

Now let’s see if I can catch up on my 30 chapter goal.  I’m way behind.  way behind… this is so sad.  BUT I believe I can, I know I can.  🙂