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There are many companies out there trying to make a buck on the self published author.  And here it yet another blog post about it… sorry but my adventure into self publishing is finding so many money hungry people eating away at the author I find it hard not to post about it.

If you want a print copy of your book, you should plan on paying $5 and up for each copy.  I found it didn’t always matter if you order more or a smaller size.  Different companies offer different price options but most charge close to the same.

I was looking over this for two reasons.  One, NaNoWriMo has a deal with Outskirts and you get 5 books sent to you. 🙂   Two, I thought I might as well check out some other companies offering the self published author books in print, e-book formats and ect…

I mean ect… when I say that too.  Everything from marketing bull to print on demand.  It is a huge range of options they offer besides books in print.

First issue is the fact Amazon says if you charge $8 for a book in print then your e-book can not be less than the $8 price.  I hope I misunderstood the line in the price agreement but I don’t think I did.  That means you either up the price of your e-book or you lose money on the costly print side.  Hence why I am pretty sure I will not have any print versions of my book.

Marketing is a joke.  Most claim they can promote your book at book fairs or if you get lucky you might get to be there in person.  Also these were where they had a rack and your book got to be on it.  Oh, yippee.  First most readers do not attend book fairs.  Most readers are online playing games, watching tv, reading magazines, using their phones and/or working their jobs.  Fairs are for book publishing companies and for I have no idea.  Maybe for the book stores to decide who they might want in their stores.  So unless you are going heavy on print, you probably might want to skip this.  I am.

Another marketing tool is the video.  A whopping $1000 or more for it too.  Now videos are great and can really add some flare to a site or marketing campaign.  I am all for videos.  I am not for paying out my nose for a 30 sec spot for one.  Self publishing is about keeping the overhead low, keeping profits in our pockets and controlling the way our books are promoted.  It is not about giving away our market budget to a site for a video that may or may not make us sales.  I plan to do a video but will try my hand at it first.  If I find I suck at it, I might pay someone but nothing close to those costs.  I’m sure I can find a staring artist somewhere who would do a 30 sec video for YouTube under $200.  I’ll let you know.

One and the only thing I thought might be worth the money in the market side was a Press Release.  Press releases can be hard to write and can be a challenge for an author.  If you must, this might be something to look into.  I am going to check out other books and their press releases to get an idea how they are written.   Like most of this, I will probably do it myself.  Don’t worry I have to work on my bio here too.  I know it’s not up to par with the great authors of the world.  I need to make sure my next browse session is on bios authors write.

The only thing I saw worth money in the publishing side were the sections on e-book formatting.  Now this could be an option.  I do not however like the fact most send it to Amazon or Nook for you.  I would much rather get the e-book back and send it myself.  I feel it gives me the control to change things and such.  Some of the sites cost a continued fee for this service and some do not.  All require an up front fee of around $200 depending on the site.  Again this bothered me that they are always the ones sending it.  So what happens if I see it on Amazon’s Kindle and decide there is a sentence missing or something messed up?  I have to go through this site to correct it and I’m not sure if that would cost more or would come in the package deal.

Anyway that was my browse the internet for more junk in the self published world and again I walked away thinking I can do this on my own, I hope.  If anyone ever sees or hears of a site worth the money and the time, would love to hear about it.  I would like to find a place to format my e-book that sends it to me.  I am looking for ideas in the marketing world but only ones I believe might get me the sales I need.  Loss money on junk marketing, is loss money.  I can’t afford to do that and am going to try my best to avoid it.