Now what does voting and writing have to do with each other?

If the person I vote for is for higher taxes on the rich, I might want to wait for the movie deal of a life time to come my way.  If the person I vote for is for cutting poor programs, I might want to get writing faster as to avoid the cuts.

Would I really vote for someone based on my novel and how well I might do in the future?  Maybe but doubtful.  I didn’t this time.

It only got me thinking that sometimes where we are going may not be where we are at today.  This may change how we look at our vote we did yesterday.  Win the lotto and Obama may not have been your man.  Looking back we might think different than we do right now.

So if you voted and your guy/gal lost in whatever race you were massively hoping they would win, remember you never know.  It might just have been your lucky day that they didn’t win.

Of course, if you’re a bit upset or mad… totally understand.  I hope though I never get to a point where how my sales are going influences my vote.  I want to be a writer full time, have movie deals and have awesome sales.   I don’t want to be a voter though with my pocket book more important than my values.  Or my book sales more important than who might be voted in at the end of the day.

Just something to think about on the day after voting.