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well maybe it’s not danger I’m after but I am after word count!  NaNoWriMo is kicking my butt.  Between the new Musical for it and my geek show The Guild… I am lost to the internet and not writing a thing.  Totally not okay if I want to be a writer.

As the Beetles put it… ‘I want to be a paperback writer.’

I need to start pushing myself and pulling me offline more often.  I have to get use to writing daily.  Well, maybe not daily on the days I work the 12 hour shifts but my days off I have no excuse.  I have no reason to say I slept in, I played a Facebook game, I watched a new part to the musical and/or watched a new movie instead of writing.  It is unacceptable.  It has to be.

Wow, I think I’m worse than if I had an agent who was freaking out about me not writing.  I am the boss at grilling me but not sure it does much good.  Well, tonight it has to; it has to be different.

Though I do have to take a trip to town before I can write my brains out.  It’s not an excuse, I really have to but once I’m back home.  No online.  No games.  No tricks.  No excuses.  Just plain old writing at a keyboard until the words get fuzzy.  Or I cheat and get online. No, NO NOOOOOO!  No online tonight.  Just me and my writing.  I laugh at danger in the face!  Hahahahaaaa  The danger of letting myself down again.  It happens a lot.  Its huge.  The Danger is very very real.  It’s like hunting for rabbits when the rabbit always wins.

But I laugh at it.  I beg it to bring it on…. okay, not too strong I won’t be able to say no.  Still danger is taking a back seat tonight.  I am writing dangerously.  Are you?

Oh and for my followers who are into photographs or other art forms… what is stopping you from getting out there and taking that awesome shot?  What is stopping you from painting the picture of a lifetime?  If it’s anything but you than it’s ok.  Money is tight and there are legit reasons why we can’t go after our dreams all at once.  But if it’s you, if it’s your excuses…. well laugh at it.  Laugh at the danger of stopping yourself from it again.  And paint, take pictures and create something wonderful.