Update on the writing so far.  Oh, wow I ended up online… darn it.


I found I had a plot bunny hole the size of king kong’s fist and forearm.  HUGE!  I have most of it straightened out.  But this has thrown a bit of a pickle into tonight’s writing session.  Instead of rewrite, I have a brand new chapter to write.  Had to throw out a chapter that didn’t make any sense and come up with a new way to do the action in the scenes.  Well, action is a bit strong.  It’s more like transition scene.

On one side this is great because I’m fixing a problem that occurred during the first draft.  On the other side not so great because now I have to mock-up a room I didn’t have before and other stuff I was leaving until later is now going to come up a bit early.  My biggest concern is to make sure none of it becomes boring and too much info.  The next scenes I think move quickly so it won’t bother me too much to have a bit more laid back before hand.  Long as the reader doesn’t decide to shut the book forever.

Now on to google to do some back ground stuff and look up a few items for the scene.  If I can drag me away from the internet again… I could cry right now… I plan to work up the bare bones of the scene.  Will have to rewrite it the next day off I get but at least it will be first draft done.