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I am writing! totally sucks but I needed some r and r!  Got my Guild episodes caught up.  Am looking to make sure all my other wonderful online nerd stuff is up to date and then I have to get to cleaning.  Looks like after that I can start to think about writing.

I know, I know but even I can’t write and work and write and work without something in between that is just a piece of me.  Trying to get work to start a game of pathfinder or something.  Would love to have a mini session before work each day.  That would help to make work not so terrible and give me some extra off writing fun without interfering with my writing time.  Someone asked why not do it on my off days and I was like when would I fit it in.  I was behind on the Guild by three episodes.  I’m not kidding when I say between sleeping, work, cleaning, hanging with my dog and writing that my time is limited.  It really really is and some days tired is to a new level even my eyes are afraid to semi shut in fear of never opening again.

It will be well worth it in the end.  Until that day, I’m struck trying to find ways to have fun doing things I like around the things I have to do.  Its frustrating but hope I can talk some people into it at work or into some other nerd game we can play in half hour bites each work day.  🙂