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Yep it’s mid month and that means struggles writing the NaNoWriMo novel.  You are not alone!  Most people doing this event are in the mist of plot holes, characters not shaping into the ones they want, word count issues and many, many more struggles that are driving them insane.

Struggles are why we love it!

Whoa.  Yep, it is why we love NaNoWriMo and would have it no other way.  Well, maybe we would ask for one year we wrote without any struggles.   Come on after all isn’t our lives about easy and now.  Oh, wait that is why we won’t ask for it without the struggles.

Our lives are filled with two things.  The things that are easy and have no struggles and the things that have tons of struggles that give us nothing.

Computers, online and microwaves are examples of easy.  We click and in an instant have what we want.  No struggle, no effort, not much of anything so it doesn’t really mean much.  At the end of the year, we could list off several million easy moments but none of them probably mean a thing to us.

Jobs and ending relationships  are examples of struggles that give us nothing.  Most jobs a year later are filled with struggles but give us little in rewards.  Sure we get money but most of us have little of that left and the things we got with the money probably fell into the easy category.  The final end of relationships can be worse.  End one and what do you get?  A lesson that made you feel like crap.  Yeah, I think we would like to skip that every year.

NaNoWriMo is filled with struggles.  It’s far from easy.  What do you get after only 30 days besides tired?  You get a story or part of one.  You get to see characters come alive and do things you didn’t have planned for them.  You get something to keep.  Granted it may not be the best thing and it may not be worth much but its worth the struggle.  To writers, it’s worth gold.  Writing can be the hardest part of doing a story so having a page or more or even a paragraph is awesome.  Struggles with reward!  Yep, would have it no other way.

Struggle onward!


Update… had to add a t on a not before a much as it was going to bother the blank out of me!