YES, I’m so excited.  No, I didn’t finish my goal for NaNoWriMo.  I’ve only done 5 chapter rewrites and my goal for NaNo is rewrite 30 chapters in a month.  I still have time.

What did I do though?

Well, with my 5 rewrites I manage to push my story pass the 50,000 word count! 🙂  That is awesome even if I didn’t do it in a month.  Bummer, wish I had though NaNo in a month is awesome!  But I did finally get my novel moving and I’m excited about it!

Love it!

In fact, I’m so excited I decided to eat!  OKay, so if I was depressed that would be my response too.  Eating is awesome!  until your stomach bursts!  But until then eating is Awesome and so is writing.  Writing and making goals and eating.

My true loves.

Maybe later I’ll have some cake or pie!  Hmmm.. pie!  Love pie.  How did I get on the food topic today… oh, that’s right, I made over 50,000 words on my novel.  *Waves my hands above my head*  doing a happy dance.  Now do the wave with me…

My hands go up… (your turn)… my hands go up… (your turn)…

wonder how many people just did the wave alone?  🙂 

50,000 awesome!

Now the goal is finish the darn thing!