Well like a writer!  A little writing, a little online, a little writing and a whole lot online.  Probably should have skipped the online as it doesn’t seem to be going very well…drama facebook!

Instead I should be writing my chapters.  I did get up to chapter 20. YES!  and did my bio this morning! YES!  I think it sounds really great.  I even put I have an award-winning blog on my Facebook.  🙂  Yep, marketing is about bending some truth but not out right lying.  I did forget to mention what award my blog won.

Other than that it’s been a slow and tired day.  The kind your mind feels like passing out but your world has decided against it.  Ringing phones, barking pets and overall distractions.  I think my sleep is becoming like my writing.  Too many distractions.

And all I wanted was a short nap in the early afternoon with the deary overcast sky.  Cold and overcast.  Not much for pushing me into writing.  I love writing when it’s still black out.  The rain, cold, snow or whatever weather can’t be seen so it doesn’t seem to bother me as much.  I see it and feel it.  Makes typing a chore better left for later and sleep against a pillow sure pleasure.

So on that… I’m either bashing myself again online, taking a nap or writing the next rewrite…. at this moment is so hard to say which it will be.  I’m thinking nap might win twice.  Darn it.  Naps do seem to have an upper hand with me.  of course the phone is ringing again….. 😦