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and Nap Time WINS!  Hands down without a recount or vote.  Darn and I was going to write all night.

Went to the Write In for NaNoWriMo.  National Novel Writing Month for those who forgot what it was already.  It’s almost over.  The write ins are where people met up to get ahead on their word count or just give themselves another way to not write again.  I think I could have used the ‘not write again’ moment as it was pretty boring.  Not to be mean to my ML as he is doing the best he can.  (ML means leader of the group but is two big words I can’t remember how to spell at the moment)

It was just him and me that showed up.  That was it.  Pretty low turn out.  Guess that is happening a lot with my group.  Did get some rewrite done!  Awesome as always.

But still Boring.

‘Hey, how are you?

‘I’m boring and you?’

‘Me too.’

‘This is so much fun!’ 

‘Yeah, we can be boring together!’

‘I know!’

Now say that in a high pitch whine with a lot of sarcastic voice and that would sum up my write in adventure.

Maybe I can go to the other NaNo group close by next year.  Right now my funds are limited and I don’t see that happening before NaNo ends.  I don’t know if I want to cry because it’s going to end or the fact I’m way behind on my goal.

Goal 30 chapters rewrote in a month… reality…. 6.

I hate reality.

But I’m up and its early morning here.  Like 2am early.  So I’m going to write after I finish this post.  Maybe I can get the next two chapters done and that would mean I’d be to 8.  Probably should make my goal like 15 or 20 for camp if NaNo does a summer camp again.