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To everyone in the US and who celebrate it tomorrow.   I know I might miss upcoming holidays around the world so if I miss what you love as a holiday, sorry ahead of time.  Of course, in England a holiday I believe is a vacation.  Not sure what a day like Christmas or Thanksgiving would be called.  Hmmm….

I would look it all up but I would forget it the next day.  Also I’m not much into holidays except Halloween and Thanksgiving.  Sorry, it’s just those hit the heart-strings for me when they roll around.

What are your heart string days during the year?   Do you think you get more creative during those days or less?

For me creative flies out the window.  Too much family, food and it all makes me very tired.  It’s hard to be creative with a crowd in the house and tons of people at your face wanting to know how you’ve been the last few months.  Half of me wants to scream ‘Check out Facebook if you want to know.’  and the other half misses these darn frustrates insanely.

So have a wonderful day and if you are somewhere that Thanksgiving is on a different day… have a turkey sandwich and tell me Happy Thanksgiving.  When it’s your day, remind me and I’ll try to do something the same!  🙂