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is never like the ending of Thanksgiving.  To me it’s the stomach cramping, the ads not full of cheap prices and the wish I had a bigger stomach for more food.  Yes, the ending of this day is filled with emotions and thoughts.  Too much family?  Too much food?  Just too much everything.

Tomorrow will be the end of another day

but it won’t have the feeling my body has been drained of every ounce I had and I still have the need to stay awake.

Why do we love this day?

Probably because it gave us in one day what most days never give us.  Power to love or hate those around us, Food beyond most meals, Car rides longer than anyone ever wished for in their lifetime and/or wishes to be let down for another year.  The only other day that compares is Christmas or Birthdays.  But both those we have come to believe should be filled with let downs and over the top excitement.  I think, for most, we still hold out hope Thanksgiving is different.  Better.  Happy.  More middle ground.  It isn’t most times.  It’s just a fun filled day that makes us beyond tired.  It can have as high a ride as Christmas ever wanted to and lack the wishes we wanted for it more than our birthdays.  And yet…

we hope it will be better or more exciting next year.

Ps… I didn’t write a thing other than this due to the fact… I had a blast with family, I ate too much and now I’m so tired typing is hurting my finger muscles.  Wow… what a day.