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is still not writing. I wish it was but it isn’t.  I keep thinking about it but I keep putting it off.  Yesterday I was too tired and too today has been too busy.

Tomorrow what will my excuse be?

Won’t matter as it’s the same song and dance routine and I’m starting to think it’s over played.  I have no reason not to get up bright and early which works better for my writing.  I have no reason not to write other than a nagging feeling it won’t be good enough.  It’s NaNo still and that means throw my nagging feeling out and type away.

So tomorrow if I don’t get to it today… Is WRITING day!  At least one hour of my day tomorrow will be spent writing my novel.  It will not be spent thinking about it or wishing I was writing.  It will be spent writing it.  Hope you can get pass the nagging feelings holding you back and throw your all into your art.