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Writing can feel like a chore and can be the hard part of writing a novel.

So what to do?

One thing you can try is change the time of day you try to write.  Instead of getting up at 7am, get up 4am.  If you get up in the afternoon on a day off at 2pm, try getting up at noon.  It may not seem like much but different times of the day will lead to you doing things differently.

I like to get up at 2-3 am.  No one is up and I like to write when I can’t find much else to do.  It helps me limit my distractions and I end up writing to fill the void.  If I get up later in the day, I found there is more to get in the way of writing and other things I can find to do.  I also found I like writing alone.

So try different times and see what happens.  Try times when no one is up at your house or there is less on TV  to watch.  Try times when there is a million things to do and see how much writing you get done.  The more you switch it up; the more likely you are to find times of the day that fit you.