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Rick…. ‘I’m here what do you need?  Belief?  Well there was this one time when Val didn’t believe in herself.  She still doesn’t but this was huge and big and large.  And like she was all emo and I was like all You can do it.  Horrible way to spend 5 minutes.  Don’t recommend it.  Val in a bad mood is better than Val all emo like … oh darn it… I spilled my latte and it was really good today.  Where was I?’

Me…. ‘Wow, you take regress to a whole new level on a daily basis, don’t you?  Never mind that.  I can’t get these people to believe in themselves.  Nano is about throwing caution to the wind and giving it your all.  Not this dopey mood causing them to fiddle with their pens against wood desks and singing nonsense words to distract them from the task at hand.’

Rick… ‘Singing.  I love singing.  It’s filled with words and music and Debs is awesome at it.  Have you heard her?  We have a new song out and she wrote it and everything.  You should listen to it.’

Me… ‘I will after Nano is over.  I just want people to have the belief in themselves as writers during the last days of NaNoWriMo.  To push themselves beyond where they thought they could go and arrive at a wonderful place.  The finish line.’

Rick… ‘Finish line?  Like a race.  I was in a race.  I can’t remember if Val was there but I was.   Oooooo, this is a blog.  I love blogs.  I write one too.  Have you read mine?  Writing is awesome.  NaNoWriMo is awesome.  Write 50,000 words in a month and you win.  Yeaaaaaaaaaaa!’

Me…. ‘Rick, I need you to stop dancing on my topic head.  *Sigh*  Yes, NaNo is awesome and writing is great.  Words of wisdom on believing in yourself during NaNoWriMo, Rick.  5 words, now!’

Rick… ‘…………………’

Me… ‘Really.  Why does that not surprise me.’

Okay so Rick wasn’t really here and he doesn’t approve this at all.  He must be a star now though as we are now mocking him… hheheeehe 🙂  and yes, I’ve never met Rick ever so if you know him and you think this is funny… you’re welcome! 🙂

Now back to writing those novels… the last days are upon us!