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and the musical hasn’t been half bad either!  You should check it out.  Type in Nanowrimo musical and look for errol and debs.  Rick is so damn funny and cute kids!

Anyway… I did awesome today!  Totally great!  Beyond super!  Yep, I rewrote 2, TWO… I said two chapters today.  My novel itself is at around 52,000 words.  🙂  and my rewrite for my novel hit 10 rewrites.   5 days left and only 20 more  to do.  I can do it!

you can do it!  Yeah, I know you’re thinking Nanowrimo is pretty done and you didn’t make it.  Darn.  So close.  Only 25,000 or so off of winning.  But wait… what?

It’s not over yet which means you can still WIN!

Yep, you can still do an overnighter, write all day and really really drive your family and friends nuts for the rest of NaNoWriMo.  You can!  Really!  You have to believe.

why is it no one ever believes enough?

Rick.. we need your help!

Darn…. guess, he is in the middle of a new comic or driving Val nuts again.  Can’t reach him on mind melt telepathy.

Okay.. okay, so I made that last part up but you can win this thing.  You can get your word count up and I can make my goal of 30 rewrites in a month.

I believe and all it takes is for you to believe!


I can’t do it for us both.  Nope, only enough believe in me for me.  Sorry but you can I just know it.  So stop reading my blog and I’ll stop writing it so we can NANOWRIMO together! 🙂 NANO!