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So I got up early.  2am early.  Went online for a bit and bored myself before writing as usual.

Finally, I opened up my file and wrote.

To my surprise, it went very well.  I got the twist to be more believable and I like it more.  It went from an okay scene to a more brilliant one.  Very happy with it.

Now, the day is still young and I plan to rewrite two more chapters!  Hoping to get at least part 2 done in second rewrites before the end of the month.  I will take Dec. to work on part 3.  Jan will be more rewrites to part 2 and 3 before Feb becomes part 1-3 to get some more final stuff done on it.  Looking at March and April to finish it up if I am behind or to be the launch dates.  The latest is May for launching the book on Amazon.  This should give me enough time even if I am working to finish everything up.  I am hoping to have it done by March but I will have to really push myself to get more regular about writing to do it.  So we shall see.

Still overall a very good start to a good day! 🙂