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is all I can say to a prep talk over at NaNoWriMo.  I could not believe my eyes as I read it.

Really…  WE are in the last days!  The days to really push ourselves like we did at the start.  Of course some of us might not meet the goal or our personal ones but that is the point to push yourself.  Not give up.

The prep talk was all about not beating yourself up and lame stuff.  Well not lame, just wrong timing for it.  It’s the stuff we tell each other afterwards.  Days into Dec. we need to hear it but not today.  Today the game is still on and we can still try to reach 50,000 words or our own goals we set.  WE STILL HAVE TIME!  You can’t give up now right before the end.

It truly is like running a race and you can see the finish line.  Granted you also see some dude ahead of you who is going to win first but so what.  Who cares!  You might not be first but you will finish which is a win in itself.  In NaNo, it really is about finishing and not who is first.  So finish or make sure you gave it everything you had even at the end.

Sorry but prep talks like that one need to wait until the last hour of the last day and even then I’m not sure we need it until NaNo is really over.  When it’s over, I’ll prep talk us about how awesome the whole thing was no matter where we ended up in it.  Until then, write Write WRITE and W R I T E!  not because you have to but because you can!