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To catch up I plan to write a huge amount today.  I want to get to the end of part 2 today.  It will leave me with part 3 to rewrite but I decided yesterday I’m going back to rewrite part 2 again.  Yes the glory of rewrites is the fact it happens again and again.

If I can push me, I can rewrite part 2 again in the first weeks of Dec. and get through two rewrites of part 3 by mid Jan.  This would allow me to rewrite from part 1 where I left off to the end of the book in the last part of Jan and into Feb.  Hoping those rewrites go a little faster as I should have less work to do on them.  These first rewrites are almost as hard as the first draft for me.

So today goal… mini goal… get to the end of part 2.   I’ll keep you posted later how I’m doing with it.