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part 5 toward the end it says things that we think, we hear but we don’t like.  I don’t blame us.  It’s Dale who says it and he gets a bit mean with it.

Nanowrimo is a hobby, means nothing and we write just to put our novels on shelfs never to touch them again.  More or less that is what Dale says in a mean voice with more lines.

What Dale isn’t getting is the real thing behind NaNoWriMo.

The creative self expressing art through words.

Some people are creative beings who do NaNo and want the chance to be free and express without expectations.  Some people are more stiff who do NaNo and want the freedom to release their creative side that they never get to.  It’s the freedom that makes NaNoWriMo so special and awesome.

For me, my photography is like that.  I take thousands of pictures which a few end up on my Flickr account but most end up in storage.  I love doing it.  I keep doing it and more pictures end up in storage.  It’s the freedom to capture and find the right picture that keeps drawing me back in.

NaNoWriMo is the same way.

It’s the freedom of expressing oneself that keeps people coming back.  Freedom.  We rarely get it in our lives.  Nano is one of those times we do.  We can hack away at characters, we shove people off cliffs, we can have people fall for each other that never would and/or we can create a world that isn’t real.  No matter the story; it’s ours to create.

The best part is the fact no one will ever read it.  It’s not about reading the novel later.  It’s about writing it.  It’s not about being any good.  It’s about doing it.  Like a journey is about the steps taken; NaNoWriMo is about writing.

And the FREEDOM to do it.

After 30 days, you put the novel up and never read it.  Next NaNo, you do it all over again.  Yep, you create something new.  Not for critics or naysayers but for you.  With caution to the wind, you give you a free license to create anything.  Without thinking someone is going to read it later, you give you the chance to be creatively free.  No rules.  No one to say it sucks.  No one to say anything.  It’s not about them.  It’s about you.  About being free.

So I hope the musical brings this out in the last part but if it doesn’t… remember NaNoWriMo isn’t about second drafts or pulling the novel out later or even having much of anything at the end of it.  It’s all about the freedom of being creative.  It’s about writing.

with that Happy writing! 🙂