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ahhhh, it’s here.  You either are jumping up and down!  Happy it’s here.  Or you are like me a bit sad it’s over.  It is the most frustrating time but it has perks.  I love the perks.  Friends, fun, musicals, cartoons (nanotoons) and writing.

Don’t worry I heard camp might be slated for April!  If you’re a NaNo nut like me, see you there with rain gear on.  I do believe (I really hope) I should be on a new book by that time.  A new draft to do a new NaNo! 🙂

If you are not into camp, well see you at the next NaNoWriMo next Nov. 2013.

For those who for no other reason but find me sad, funny or something and follow this blog by choice no matter NaNo or not… well, don’t worry I have no plans to end my blog.  I have lots to say about the writing experience, self publishing, editing and heaven knows what in this biz.

Happy Last Day of NaNo.  Oh, and save the last dance for that dead character you chopped up in chapter 2 that just might resemble that co-worker you can’t stand at your job.  Don’t worry, remember no one is reading it but you so chop away!