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so with it being the last day of NaNo, don’t worry if you can’t hit your goal.  It’s cool.  I didn’t hit mine but I did get more done than I did at the last camp due to setting a goal.  No reason to beat yourself up over it.

Okay so what else have I been doing other than Nano?  Not much.  Not much time to do much else.

I did however look up gaming systems and price.  Distraction.  I know but I’ll find something to do anyway so would rather it was something I like.  Looking at just buying a cheap game when I get paid so I don’t overspend.  Systems are still a bit high for me.

Did a little photography.  Got a new schc card during black Friday.  Is there a Black Friday overseas?  To explain for anyone who might not know what the heck the US is saying when they refer to Black Friday.  It is the day after Thanksgiving and huge sales happen for the Christmas holiday.  Usually starts holiday shopping but some nut decided this year or last to begin the whole event on Thanksgiving night.  Great sales from Thursday to Saturday and the Monday following is called Cyber Monday.  I think the sales or marketing departments can’t get enough of ‘slang slogans’ and think every sale day needs a name.

Talking about marketing, I tried out an idea that totally bombed.


that is for the speed readers who follow my posts.  I realized Facebook has been not posting all my posts about my blog which means when I go to say ‘hey check out my book’ that post might not make everyone’s page.  I decided to see if posting right to their page would up my blog hits for the day.  I targeted people I thought haven’t been here but if I posted might be tempted to check it out.  Didn’t work.  I got the same hits for the entire day I had before I posted anywhere.  Also I did chance getting reported as spam doing this so I did try people I thought would be more apt to either click the link or skip it all together.  I am really doubting Facebook in spite of what countless countless sites say is going to be worth my time in marketing.  Granted I will post about my book on there for family and friends to see.  I will have to talk to family and certain friends to make sure they share the post.  If they don’t share it, fewer people see it.  Sharing is the key.  Other than that it’s not looking like Facebook is going to be my marketing strategy.

That is about it for anything besides NaNo this month.