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and did chapter 24 rewrite which actually was the combined chapters 24 and 25.  It needs some added in details but that can wait for a later revision.

It took an hour to do the rewrite and made me very sleepy.  It made more sense to put the two together and it should help the reader be less bored.

I did also realize this is the section I renamed a character.  A supporting role character to the main male lead.  Now I’m not sure I want to keep the name change.  I know I don’t believe Brad the name I’m currently using really works but not sure Brax works either.

I’ll decide later on that topic.  My overall Nano goal as most of you know was 30 chapter rewrites in a month.  I ended up at 11.   Now I have 10 more to do this month and no NaNo to push me forward when I feel like not doing it.  I will have to remind myself I really want this to be my dream job and it won’t write itself.  It won’t turn on in the middle of the night and spring into action.  The sound of keys clicking won’t be heard in the dead of night.  There won’t be words stringing together by themselves making sentences.  I have to write it.  It’s my story out of my head and no one else would get it right.  They might be close but there would always be a piece of me wishing I had just written it.  So… hope that is enough to get me through the blah moments that come with writing.

Have a wonderful weekend and for many of you a much-needed rest from the overload of write ins, forums, chats and actual writing you did.