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so it’s not working real well.  Second day in and I already blew the day away doing nothing.  Normally that might not matter but as a writer it really does.  Nothing is huge.

The day isn’t over so I am trying my best to believe tonight or early tomorrow I will prevail and conquer my lack of drive and write.

But today is so BLAH

Rain… mud… yucky chilly wind light enough to miss in the first seconds outside until you feel your skin tighten and your bones shake.  The wind won’t stop either and you step in mud forgetting your shoes have a hole.  Your toes complain against the ice-cold water muck to no avail.

Finally your inside where all you do is hide in bed under covers.  Not because it’s cold out either.  NOPE.  Blah has a way to kill any hope of doing anything other than laying there like a lump.

Still the day isn’t over and the wind did finally warm up a bit.  There might be hope even if it’s dark out now.