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into a brand new day!  Got a chapter rewrote only to look at it and decide to take it from a different angle.  Going to write that up today and see if I like it better.  The part was a dream scene but I think I would rather it played out in action and reality for the characters then in her head though it still might end that way.

Figure I have at least two more weeks before my lay off ends.  Hoping!  I need to get back to work to get ready for my big move in spring.  Another reason to write daily now and be done with the book before I move.  Staying in state and the same town.  Just moving locations.

Going to search online for locations online to do ads in Canada, UK and Australia.  If anyone knows of some not too expensive places that might drive my sales, please send me a link.  I plan to do a US release only to start with in March.  In April, I plan to either release it to parts outside the US or places every two weeks.  It will depend on sales, marketing and amazon’s rules on kindle.

For those who love the Royal family or care…

Congrats Prince Will and Kate!  They are officially expecting.  Is it Duchess Kate?  Over here, they don’t seem to ad her title in much so I keep forgetting what it is they went with.

I might search too for any writing events or cool things happening in the writing world.   I did the other week but didn’t see anything worth mouthing off about on here.  I guess I’m having NaNoWriMo let down.  😦  It happens.  Now back to cleaning, playing some games and writing!