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I’ve thought about doing this before but don’t want to over do it or drag my endless chatter into promote me blog posts.  Not that my blog doesn’t promote me.  Of course it does, it has my name and all.  It’s just… anyway.

To post a piece from my story or not to post a piece from it?

That is the real question at hand.  On one side I can see posting to get some feedback and pick a section in the book that won’t give the story away.  It would be more about the writing, the sound and overall part than about story line.

Still should I?

I keep thinking not.  I haven’t really done that here and I like my posts more when they are about the highlights and low blah moments in writing.  So in the end the blog becomes more about the process than my novel.  It by passes me as the writer and hopefully hits home to the millions of writers out there.  Our struggles are not things we have to suffer alone so I like my blog being about those moments and not me only.

Still what would one post on it hurt?

Probably nothing if it’s only one.  Only one is like saying I’m only going to get one tattoo.  YEAH… not many people I know who got one tattoo didn’t end up with two.  They usually stop at around three or four unless they get hooked.

Do I want to chance that here?

So far no.  I don’t.   I’m not saying if that is what your blog is about it’s a bad thing or shouldn’t be that way.  I just don’t want my blog to end up being endless posts of my  novels and not about actually writing or actually struggling with the issues we all face.

So I’m leaning to the no on this but if you do have an idea or thought on it, please comment.  Kinda wondering what my followers think about it.   Post pieces or one part of my novel here or skip it?