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I know so I didn’t write today.  I got a new gaming system.  The Wii.  I like it but it did take away from writing.  I do however plan to write today but much later.

A bit of a treat

Character Bio

Name… Sarah

Female lead.  Interesting life growing up in the Whirlpool Galaxy.  5’4 and 125 lbs  Not a total light weight but not heavy either.

If you want more, look to my fan page.

Other than that… not much to say today.  I am up 9 fans.  All are family and friends.  A few I didn’t realize would join but very happy they did.

Plan to toss the Facebook ad out in two weeks.  Looking at target 13-20 year olds in Michigan.  Going to do the click and pay version.  Amount I plan to allow it to go to would be either $10 or $20 with each click set at $0.75-$1.00.  This should allow for up to 20 clicks and possible 20 new fans.  It’s a small amount but it should give me some idea of how this works.  Also I won’t be out huge amounts of money.  If you do see the ad, please do not click it but let me know you saw it and if you fit the targets it was set for.  I will do a reminder on this when I launch the ad for my fan page.

Have a great and wonderful night and happy creating your world!